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Roulette Players, And Why…

With such a simple game and table layout, you'd think that there wouldn't be much to choose between the online casinos …that couldn't be more wrong!

The speed and playing options varies considerably between online casinos. If you choose the wrong one, it could mean you spending 10 times longer at the table, for the exact amount of spins played at another super fast table.

If you like to study the spin history of certain bets before you bet yourself, you need to be able to spin the wheel WITHOUT betting. Amazingly, you'll probably find more than half of online casinos don't let you do that.

For anyone following a system and playing roulette for any length of time, the biggest pain in the butt by far …is having to sit through the animated wheel on every spin! Ahhhh! That drives me mad!

If you are on holiday in Vegas, it's fun and exciting to see that wheel spinning round, as you wait for the ball to drop. But once you've been playing roulette for a while, waiting for that wheel to stop can make you feel like you are stuck in a traffic jam …a total time waster!

Luckily, one online casino has their head screwed on right, and that's Vegas Red.

  • Turn off the wheel animation for 'super fast roulette play'.

  • The fastest roulette table you'll find online – a huge timesaver!

  • Spin the wheel without betting.

  • Turn off annoying dealer voice.

  • Established and reputable casino.

When playing roulette online, I highly recommend Vegas Red.

Lou Underhill

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